House Demolition Contractor Westchester, NY

Do you need a demolition team that can also handle your foundation repair? Nail Stone Contracting INC is the best home demolition contractor in Westchester, NY that you can trust. We have been doing house demolition, industrial demolition, and asbestos abatement for over 12 years. We can do all of the work from start to finish. From demo of the foundation to the rebuilding of the new structure. We work with you from beginning to end on your entire project, from new construction or renovation from a small kitchen make to landscaping covering all your property maintenance needs.

Safe demolition at Westchester, NY

We are committed to providing the utmost respect towards you & your family while working on your project. Our team is licensed to take down houses or buildings. We provide death and debris removal and cleanup services after a house demolition. We also specialize in basements, garages, and backfill. Our trained employees remove or demolish any structure correctly so that there is little to no disruption to the surrounding property. We use automation to reduce time and increase efficiency. We have our well-trained staff to work on your project, ensuring that everything is done efficiently and on time. All our staff are trained, certified and insured. Save time and money while we demolish your home while you are away. Get a Free Estimate Today.

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